This is the story about two guys who met in their search for meaning, and ended up making magic. It all started in Cape Town, when Grant Rushmere, a passionate, creative entrepreneur set out on a mission to answer the question: Can you be healthy and still have fun?*

*Spoiler alert: The answer is YES!

As a South African, Grant grew up doing two things that would forever shape our story.

  1. Drinking rooibos – a ridiculously healthy plant that only grows in South Africa.
  2. Going BOS! – for those who don’t know … “Go BOS” is a South African expression meaning to go crazy, in a fun way. And that’s exactly what he did.

With a new-found inspiration, Grant rolled up his sleeves and got down to business. He started designing cans in beautiful colours and creating delicious recipes with natural fruit flavours. And of course, he started looking for the best quality organic rooibos in the world. As one does.

His quest took him to the Cederberg, a 100km radius of some of the most spectacular wilderness you’ll find south of the equator. Here’s where he met Richard Bowsher – entrepreneur and enthusiastic farmer of – you guessed it – organic rooibos. The two of them hit it off. The scene had all the makings of greatness compliments to the rugged mountains and ancient rock pools of Klipopmekaar, Richard’s rooibos farm and nature reserve. The name of the farm means, “one rock on top of another” and sure enough they shook hands, and one thing led to another and the business of BOS was born.


 Rooibos: Where local meets lekker! 

Home is where the heart is. For rooibos – our magic ingredient – that means the spectacular wilderness of the Cederberg Mountains. This unique 62 mile radius is the only place on the planet where rooibos grows and it’s the center of our universe.

So is rooibos actually healthy?
Short answer: YES

Long answer: Take a seat and pay attention.

Ever heard of antioxidants? Well, Rooibos is packed with them. We can’t quite promise eternal youth, but antioxidants certainly help to slow down the ageing process. Don’t know about you, but we’ll take all the help we can get.

Rooibos helps you to detox and feel more energetic. It’s got more than its fair share of essential minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc & magnesium. We need all of those to maintain strong teeth, healthy hair & skin and a good-looking skeleton.Rooibos also contains alpha hydroxyl acid – the science stuff that helps to reduce wrinkles.

So all in all not bad for a bush! No wonder it’s considered one of the Top 50 Superfoods of all time. You’re still paying attention? Good. We can go on. And we will.

Did we mention that it’s 100% naturally caffeine free? Say bye-bye to counting sheep and hello to your daily dose of 8 hourzzzzzz. Rooibos is also full of electrolytes. These are handy when it comes to rehydration and to help regulate your blood pressure. Last but not least … rooibos helps inflammation. If your mind says fun but your tummy says ouch, rooibos can help with that.

And if anyone asks, there’s the equivalent of at least 1 cupful of brewed rooibos goodness in every serving of BOS, that equals half of your daily dose of antioxidants. If it doesn’t say ‘organic rooibos’ then it’s not the real deal.

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